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Matiz Tinned Fish

Matiz Tinned Fish

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Spain is a treasure-trove of delicious meals and unique flavors, but one of our most versatile and exciting additions are Matiz Sardines. Caught fresh off the coast of Galicia and hand-packed in premium Spanish olive oil, our small sardine fish make a wonderful addition to your favorite pastas, vegetable medleys, or other appetizers. In fact, they can be enjoyed as-is, added to French breads with sliced avocado and lemon, or smeared with a garlic aioli to create a truly unforgettable taste.

Product Details:

· Fresh Matiz Sardines (4.2 oz. Can)

· Contains 3-5 Wild-Caught Fish

· Packed by Hand to Ensure Freshness

· Skin On and Bone In

· Natural Texture and Flavor

· Non-GMO and Gluten Free

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