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Glass Avocado Vase

Glass Avocado Vase

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‘Let’s grow more trees!’ 

One of our favorite new products, the Acorn Vase is a hand-blown glass vase made in Australia.  It's always a mystery of wonder when you can bring nature in doors and observe its beauty unfold before you. 

Simply add an avocado seed to the water-filled vase, and watch the roots and tree grow before your eyes. The avocado root stock can be planted into a pot with soil and moved outside. When big enough it can be planted out into the garden.

Choose from various colors: Rose Pink / Smoke Grey / Moss Green / Mustard Yellow / Grass Green 

The vase comes with a booklet and when we can, due to state regulations, we will also send out a sprouted acorn. You can also use the vase for flower cuttings. 

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