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AARKE Carbonator + refill bottles

AARKE Carbonator + refill bottles

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Stop spending money on sparkling water when you can make your own at home.  Sustainability never looked so stylish with this AARKE carbonator. Thin and lightweight in stainless steel, it's an essential tool for every kitchen counter.  

The Carbonator 3 is a groundbreaking at-home sparkling water maker with a stainless-steel enclosure, in a classic Steel finish. Forget the outdated, plastic soda machines of the past: this one is made from premium materials with top-of-the-line safety. It’s designed to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come. 

How to use:

1. Fill your bottle up to the fill line (with fresh, clean water only) and attach to the soda machine.

2. Push the stainless steel lever and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine.

3. Enjoy your endless supply of sparkling beverages!

4. Keep extra bottles on hand to stock the refrigerator 

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