Grilled Fig & Haloumi Cheese

Grilled Fig & Haloumi Cheese


8 ripe figs, cut in half
16 grape or fig leaves
2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive oil
1/4 teaspoon Rose & Pink peppercorn salt
Pinch of pepper
6 ounces haloumi cheese, drained on paper towels.
6 ounce jar Olivada Olive Pesto
½ cup Spanish Marcona almonds
Pane rustico flatbread



Gently toss figs with olive oil and season lightly with kosher salt and pepper.

Place figs cut side down on grill over low flame and cook just until soft and almost jam like , about 3 minutes and then place on platter. Drizzle with honey.

Place the cheese in center of two overlapping fig or grape leaves. Spoon a tablespoon or two of olive pesto in the middle of the cheese. Wrap the leaves around like a blanket, to cover the cheese, and secure the leaves closed with two soaked skewers placed through the leaves and cheese in criss cross fashion. Grill the stuffed cheese in leaves over indirect heat or low flame on each side for about a minute, until leaves are crisp and cheese begins to soften and melt. Top with a squeeze of the juice of ½ of lemon.

On large platter, place the grilled figs to one side. Open up the leaves to expose the grilled cheese. Sprinkle a mound of almonds between the cheese and figs . Serve with Pane Rustico flatbread.

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