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Vignettes - Pre-order Signed First Edition Copy

Vignettes - Pre-order Signed First Edition Copy

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How do you make your home come alive with personality, charm, and memory? In the introduction to Sean Scherer’s first book, Kabinett & Kammer: Creating Authentic Interiors, Anderson Cooper writes, “Scherer has a unique ability to place otherwise ordinary objects in a completely unexpected context or grouping and in so doing change the way you see them.” In this new book, Scherer focuses in on the art of combining common objects into aesthetically pleasing groupings, or vignettes. Contending that a vignette can set the whole mood and tone of a room, he shows you how to use any surface in your home, from a tabletop to a bookshelf to a wall, to create lively displays of your favorite items.

Beautifully illustrated with Scherer’s own photographs, the book demonstrates how to balance color, texture, and shape, and provides lessons on how to create both symmetrical and asymmetrical vignettes. Whether you are an inveterate collector or just interested in giving expression to your unique taste, Vignettes shows you how to group the items you love in ways that can have a big impact on your home.

If you're in Atlanta, join Sean Scherer at Bella Cucina for a book signing party on Friday, May 3rd from 4-6pm.  Ticket includes a signed copy of the book, bubbly, and light bites. Sign up HERE.

First edition Signed copy currently available for pre-order. Will ship 5/6/24.

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