Mediterranean Layered Feta Dip

Mediterranean Layered Feta Dip

This layered dip boasts all of the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean. The whipped feta base, combined with briny Olivada Pesto and bright Mint & Pistachio Pesto, come together to make the most flavorful appetizer or first course.



12 ounces sheep's milk feta cheese
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1 lemon, juice and zest
1 teaspoon Bella Cucina Wild Oregano & Sage Salt, divided
1/4 cup Bella Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 jar Bella Cucina Marinated Chickpeas, drained
1/2 English cucumber, diced
3 ounces Bella Cucina Olivada Pesto
3 ounces Bella Cucina Mint & Pistachio Pesto
1 package Bella Cucina Pane Rustico Flatbread, to serve
Fresh mint, to garnish


In a food processor, blend feta, yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and lemon juice and zest to mix. Slowly stream Bella Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and blend until smooth.

In a mixing bowl, toss drained chickpeas with diced cucumber. Season with remaining salt.

To assemble dip, spread Bella Cucina Olivada Pesto in a semicircle on a large serving platter. Inside the semicircle, spread whipped feta into a circle with an indentation in the center. Top with chickpea salad and Bella Cucina Mint & Pistachio Pesto.

Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a drizzle of Bella Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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