Calendula & Chive Egg Salad with Seed Bread and Arugula Greens

Calendula & Chive Egg Salad with Seed Bread and Arugula Greens

Egg salad was a staple favorite at the Bella Cucina cafe for many years and it continues to be one of the recipes we make on weekly repeat. This is one of those recipes that you could eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Healthy. High protein. Super satisfying.


6 eggs, preferably organic 
2 Tablespoons mayonnaise, we like Duke's or home-made 
1 teaspoon Bella Cucina Basil Pesto
1 teaspoon Bella Cucina Calendula & Chive Salt


Heat 4-6 cups of water in a saucepan large enough to hold the eggs. When the water comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low, gently lower the eggs in the water, being careful not to crack the shell. Cook at a low boil for 9 minutes. Drain off the hot water and drop into a water bath or let sit in the chilled water until the eggs are  cool to the touch.

Starting at the base of the eggs, crack the shell gently so that the entire eggshell is cracked. Remove the shell, discarding any remnants. If the shell is difficult to remove, try removing the shell in a bowl of cold water, dry any excess water with a paper towel. 

Place the eggs in a bowl and chop. You can use a fork, two knives in a sawing motion, or my favorite way, with a pastry cutter. Add the mayonnaise, pesto and salt to the eggs, folding the ingredients in gently, just until blended.

Dollop a spoonful of egg salad onto seed bread, olive toast or crackers and top with micro arugula greens.

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