• Bella Spotlight: Tuscan Grill

    The Tuscan Grill is an Alice Waters slow food favorite. Handcrafted by Tuscan metalsmiths and modeled from an 18th-century Italian design, this grill is a functional and versatile new addition to the home and kitchen. "There is a universal magic in fire that transforms food as it grills," Alice Waters writes in her book The Art of Simple Food. "Grilling is nothing like cooking on a stove top or in a gas or electric oven: There's an unpredictability to it, a wild side, an immediacy that sets it apart." Bella Cucina founder Alisa Barry first encountered the Tuscan Grill while apprenticing with Waters at acclaimed restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. Remaining true to its roots, the Bella Cucina Tuscan Grill is made from high-quality hand-forged steel. The result is a treasured cooking tool that enables year round artful eating and entertaining -- both indoors and out. "Once you have tasted slow cooked foods on the Tuscan Grill, you may never go back to gas grill cooking again. Cooking over hardwood is the best way to impart natural flavor when grilling," says Barry. The Tuscan Grill is available in two sizes: Originale (18.5" w x 16" d) to fit traditional indoor and outdoor fireplaces and Grande (25" w x 18.5" d) for indoor hearth cooking or outdoor fire pit cooking. The Grande size was custom-designed by Alisa Barry and is a popular size for those who enjoy entertaining. The grill is easy to clean with adjustable height settings, allowing food to cook at high, medium or low temperatures. The wooden handles allow the grill to be adjusted without the use of oven mitts and features a steel drip pan to collect juices to create a beautiful sauce or serve au jus. Invest in a Tuscan Grill and enjoy the depth of flavor that only a woodfire grill can impact. Pair the grill with any of our savory salts for an easy and excellent meal. This week only, both sizes of the grill are on sale: Originale $99 and Grande $149. Give the perfect gift to your favorite grilling aficionado. Try these inspired grill recipes: Tuscan Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Under a Brick Sardinian Sausage Spiedini Grilled Apricot & Radicchio Mint Salad

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