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  • Bella's Pantry Essentials: California Arbequina Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

    California Olive Oil paired with Calendula & Chive savory salt and a good hunk of fresh ciabatta bread
    Olive Oil. God's gift to cooking and eating. Don't skimp on good quality extra-virgin olive oil, either. The best premium olive oil is not for cooking, but rather for flavoring salads or drizzling over a finished dish. A good olive oil is one of the best investments you can make in your cooking, since a little drizzle will go a long way. Remember, olive oil loses its flavor when heated, so keep a less expensive oil on hand for sautéing, roasting and grilling.
    Bella's California Olive Oil on display at Porta Via in Atlanta
    Bella's California Olive Oil is made from northern California Arbequina olives that are harvested and pressed early in the season -- usually in November. Early harvest olives produce richer, fruitier oils with a peppery finish.The Arbequina olive is highly aromatic and yields a more delicate olive oil that is dark green in color. Our California Olive Oil has a smooth texture, excellent fruit aroma and an intense fruit and peppery flavor. This olive oil has a very approachable flavor, perfect for even the novice cook. It pairs beautifully with our Aromatic Savory Salts, especially the Porcini & Parsley or Wild Oregano & Sage salts, making an excellent antipasti dip for soft bread. This Olive Oil is truly an excellent and essential pantry addition. Use it sparingly at the end of cooking. Whisk into a vinagrette, brush onto a few sheets of Pane Rustico, drizzle atop soups, pasta or pizza to add a delightful finishing flavor. Though this olive oil is not currently available on our website, don't fret! You can pick up a bottle, or two, in person in our Porta Via retail store in Atlanta, GA or give us a call at (404) 815-1826 to place an order by phone. Grazie!

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