Q&A Monday: Nona Rosa’s Kitchen

Mark Snyder, owner of Nona’s Rosa’s Pizzelles in Atlanta honors his grandmother’s efforts in creating and feeding him delightful, authentic treats each Christmas. Disappointed that the pizzelle maker disappeared at the end of each holiday season, Mark set out to make these traditional waffle-like cookies available year-round.

Our Bella Cucina Porta Via store in Atlanta carries these delicious hand-made cookies. Flavors include the traditional vanilla anise, plus the holiday-worthy gingerbread and chocolate-dipped with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Tell us about the history of the pizzelle in your family.
My memories of pizzelles go back to Christmas. As with most Italian-Americans, we only enjoyed these when my grandmother made them, which was a small window around the winter holidays. As I got older and had my own machine I realized there was more to life than vanilla/anise, the classic recipe, and I wanted to do something to honor my grandmother’s memory.

What’s your most essential kitchen utensil? (A pizzelle maker I’m sure! Anything else?)
My most essential kitchen tool is probably my knife set. Used every day.
What is your fondest or favorite food memory?
As a child, my mom would always make me and my siblings our favorite meal on our birthdays. I remember several instances, for me, that it was London broil or chicken divan.

Pizzelles formed into cannoli shells in the Nona Rosa kitchen.
(Photograph courtesy Nona Rosa’s)

What pizzelle flavor can you or your family just not live without? Why is that your favorite one?
My favorite pizzelle these days is the one hardest to make: vanilla dipped in chocolate with sea salt. The savory component is the thing putting me over the edge as a snack.
Fill in the blank: When I am in my kitchen, I feel _______.
When I’m in the kitchen I feel very satisfied at the process of cooking. Whether on a Sunday morning when I’m planning my meals for the week, or when I’m hurried to make a meal, I know I’m not going to let myself or my guests down.

Pizzelles on display.
(Photograph courtesy Nona Rosa’s)

Grazie Mille, Mark!

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