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  2. Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate

    Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate


    We've collaborated with Italian beekeepers to bring you our three organic artisan honeys. All our honeys are produced in the "nomadic" method, where bees are brought to the location where the flowers blossom at their peak, giving each honey their own distinct flavor profile. They are wonderful spread on toast, drizzled on sharp cheese, or stirred into your favorite cup of tea. Gift crate includes Acacia, Lime Blossom and Chestnut honeys. Learn More
  3. Organic Meyer Lemon Relish

    Organic Meyer Lemon Relish


    Meyer Lemon Relish is a versatile condiment that adds a bright & intense flavor to any dish. Serve as a cheese condiment with sautéed Greek sheep’s milk haloumi slices or a fresh goat’s milk cheese. Serve atop an arugula salad with shaved Parmesan or roasted free-range chicken, grilled fish or baked garden vegetables. Learn More
  4. Tuscan Italian Grill, grande

    Tuscan Italian Grill, grande


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    Modeled from an 18th century Italian design and hand crafted by Tuscan metalsmiths. Ideal for outdoor cooking or in the fireplace to bring warmth and wonderful aromatic flavors indoors. This larger version was designed by Bella Cucina creator Alisa Barry during one of her annual retreats to Italy. It measures 25” wide and 18 ½” deep, and 17 " tall. Fits perfectly in most larger fireplaces and accommodates grilling for 4 or more. Learn More

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