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  1. Cioccolati Dolci Bag

    Cioccolati Dolci Bag


    As sinfully rich as their name suggests, these cookies achieve that perfect balance between crunchy and chewy with their biscotti-like texture. With just a hint of espresso, this double chocolate walnut cookie can be enjoyed with a cappuccino, or for real decadence, try heating in the microwave for 10 seconds and serve with vanilla bean ice cream. These cookies contain walnuts. Learn More
  2. Cranberry Applesauce

    Cranberry Applesauce


    Same recipe as our every popular cranberry conserve, in a large jar (23oz) We love this condiment year round as a pantry staple. It is a thick and rich blend of apples, cranberries, walnuts, red wine and spices. Learn More
  3. Cranberry Conserve

    Cranberry Conserve


    A sweet yet tangy pantry essential, Cranberry Conserve is a year round condiment for roasted pork, steak or glazed chicken. Add to mayonnaise for a tart turkey sandwich spread, or bake in our recipe for almond muffins or cranberry upside down cake. Learn More
  4. Gift Card

    Gift Card


  5. Organic Apricots in Syrup

    Organic Apricots in Syrup


    Apricots in syrup are a sunburst of flavor and color in a jar. Preserving whole with the stone creates an aromatic, almond flavored syrup that is as delicious as the fruit itself. Our apricots are wonderful grilled and tossed in a salad, sliced and paired with a subtle brie, or floated in a glass with prosecco for a perfect apricot bellini! Learn More
  6. Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate

    Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate


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    We've collaborated with Italian beekeepers to bring you our three organic artisan honeys. All our honeys are produced in the "nomadic" method, where bees are brought to the location where the flowers blossom at their peak, giving each honey their own distinct flavor profile. They are wonderful spread on toast, drizzled on sharp cheese, or stirred into your favorite cup of tea. Gift crate includes Acacia, Lime Blossom and Chestnut honeys. Learn More
  7. Organic Chestnut Honey

    Organic Chestnut Honey


    Chestnut Honey is reminiscent of the forest. Deep and dark hues with a viscous texture and nutty taste, it enhances both sweet & savory dishes. Drizzle over fresh ricotta cheesecake or serve as a condiment with a rich, smoky blue cheese. Learn More

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