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  1. Crostata Sweet Butter Pastry Tarts

    Crostata Sweet Butter Pastry Tarts


    Made with sweet dairy butter and delicately baked to a golden brown, our crostata tarts are ready to be filled with your favorite Dolci dessert topping. Learn More
  2. Gift Card

    Gift Card


  3. Key Lime Spread

    Key Lime Spread


    We squeeze and zest key limes to make this beautiful curd-like spread...a delight for breakfast or an impromptu sweet. For a delicious dessert, try making our Key Lime Crème Brulee. Learn More
  4. La Bella Vita: Inspiration & Recipes from the creator of Bella Cucina

    La Bella Vita: Inspiration & Recipes from the creator of Bella Cucina


    The companion cookbook to Bella Cucina products, from Alisa Barry, chef and owner of Bella Cucina Artful Food. Full-color throughout, photographed entirely on location in Tuscany by Rob Brinson. More than 50 recipes using Bella Cucina products. Second printing. Learn More
  5. Meyer Lemon Spread

    Meyer Lemon Spread


    Meyer Lemons are a hybrid between the lemon and tangerine, hence their warm yellow, almost orange color when the fruit ripens. This spread is slightly sweeter than our Preserved Lemon Cream, but equally irresistible. Learn More
  6. Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate

    Organic Artisan Honey Trio Gift Crate


    We've collaborated with Italian beekeepers to bring you our three organic artisan honeys. All our honeys are produced in the "nomadic" method, where bees are brought to the location where the flowers blossom at their peak, giving each honey their own distinct flavor profile. They are wonderful spread on toast, drizzled on sharp cheese, or stirred into your favorite cup of tea. Gift crate includes Acacia, Lime Blossom and Chestnut honeys. Learn More
  7. Organic Chestnut Honey

    Organic Chestnut Honey


    Chestnut Honey is reminiscent of the forest. Deep and dark hues with a viscous texture and nutty taste, it enhances both sweet & savory dishes. Drizzle over fresh ricotta cheesecake or serve as a condiment with a rich, smoky blue cheese. Learn More
  8. Organic Lime Blossom Honey

    Organic Lime Blossom Honey


    Lime Blossom is a unique honey not often found in the marketplace. Dense and crystallized, it is deceivingly bright, yet decidedly bold. Toss with fresh fruit and a hint of mint or swirl into an herbal tea. Learn More
  9. Organic Savory Tomato Jam

    Organic Savory Tomato Jam


    Savory Tomato Jam is both sweet and savory, with a decadent undertone of Ceylon cinnamon that permeates the sweetness of locally grown tomatoes. An elegant everyday ketchup replacement, this jammy spread will elevate your average burger and enhance your momma’s meatloaf. Learn More
  10. Preserved Lemon Cream

    Preserved Lemon Cream


    We finely dice our signature Preserved Lemons and fold them into a tangy lemon cream. Whole eggs create the soft creamy texture. Spoon over pancakes for brunch, fold into whipped cream and serve with fresh berries, or try our deliciously simple recipe for Lemon Caper Veal Scallopine. Learn More

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